Unlike the impressions some people have of accountants in Milton Keynes and elsewhere, at Holmes Accountancy we speak English - not financial jargon. And because we are a small business ourselves, we’re ideally placed to partner with SMEs; we have not only financial experience, but personal experience, too. 
There are many good reasons why smaller firms like Holmes Accountancy are so well suited to help growing businesses. But perhaps best of all, in our case, is that our prosperity is directly connected to yours. When you win, we win
As you would imagine, the only way we can deliver that “win, win” promise is by providing you with friendly, courteous and outstanding service. 
Our key dedication is making sure you never pay more tax than you have to, whether you are a personal or business client (or both). But beyond that, we’re also dedicated to being your financial and tax business partner, helping you grow your business with sensible, informal advice and good ideas. And celebrating your success along with our own. 

Susan Holmes 

Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants 
“I really enjoy getting to know our clients: finding out what makes their business tick, and what their individual accounting needs really are. Then it’s a personal challenge for me to get to grips with that information and come up with solutions that will work well, every time. I especially love to express our advice in a way that makes sense to an entrepreneur – not in incomprehensible HMRC-speak – and feel I’ve contributed very usefully to their overall business plan.” 
To get in touch with me: 
Please send me an email at Susan@Holmesaccountancy.co.uk 
Or Whatsapp me. 

Tom Joyce 

Working towards his ACCA qualification. 
“I went into accountancy because I really enjoy using the skills I’m gaining to visibly help and support our clients’ businesses. And I’m seeing exactly that. Accountancy does not deserve to be seen as a static form of business support; it’s so much more than that, and I’m pleased to be part of it.” 
To get in touch with me: 
Please send me an email at Tom@Holmesaccountancy.co.uk 

Thomas Hayhoe 

Accounts Assistant 
Thomas is our most recent addition to the team. 
To get in touch with me: 
Please send me an email at Thomas@Holmesaccountancy.co.uk 
Or Whatsapp me. 

Mike Holmes 

Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants 
“With over 30 years’ experience as an accountant and entrepreneur in the Milton Keynes area, I understand not just how businesses work best, but also how businesses work best in this exciting MK business environment. Combining those two areas of expertise means I have a special advantage in helping our clients achieve their financial and overall business goals. And because we work as partners in our clients’ businesses, we’re very well placed to help them exceed their goals, too.” 

Liz Holmes 

Liz has worked with Holmes Accountancy since it started back in September 2010 and continues to help keep our admin in the best shape. 

Contact Us 

You can call the team on 01908 315 716 or email Info@holmesaccountancy.co.uk to arrange a free, no-obligation discussion so you can see how Holmes Accountancy will truly leave you free to do what you’re good at. 
You can also check out some frequently asked questions before calling. 
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