VAT Returns

VAT is becoming ever more complex, and if you would prefer not to take on this responsibility yourselves, we would be delighted too…

All you need to do is send us your paperwork and we’ll do everything else!

We prepare and draft your VAT Return, and send this to you to look over. Once you have confirmed the return, we will submit this to HMRC via their website.

We will confirm how much you need to pay and by when, or advise if HMRC owe you.

The VAT services we offer are:

  • VAT Applications;
  • Advising on the most appropriate VAT scheme for your business;
  • Completeion of VAT returns;
  • Stop any worry about VAT inspections;
  • Aim for you to pay the least amount of VAT within the law.

If you would like us to take the stress out of your VAT returns, why not call Susan or Mike on 01908 315716, or email us at